As your smart companion carrier, I can carry up to 11 gallons of anything. That's about 4 bags of groceries or more than 100 cans of beer. Thanks to the advanced location technology and artificial intelligence, I follow right behind you wherever you go.


Who is Onki?

Onki is a smart companion carrier that follows a person and carries up to 100 lbs of goods in his temperature-insulated cargo space.

Is Onki a robot?

We are not certain exactly what is a robot. Onki is a very reliable carrier, and Onki can be your most reliable friend too as he loves to walk with you everywhere.

How can I have an Onki?

Onki is in the final stage of development and testing and we will share additional videos of Onki soon. We expect to start online pre-orders in the next few months. Please sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media to stay up to date.

What’s the range of Onki?

Onki can walk continuously for 8-10 miles on typical sidewalks.  This range would be reduced to 5 - 7 miles when walking on surfaces like sand or gravel.

What’s the capacity of Onki?

Onki has a cargo compartment that holds about 4 bags of groceries or 100 standard cans of beer.  He has a weight-carrying capacity of 100 lbs.

Can I meet Onki in person?

Onki is actively being tested around NYC so you might run into him!  In the next few months, we will hold preview events in New York, Boston, Washington DC, Miami, Chicago, Houston, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Please sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media to stay up to date.

Why the name Onki?

Onki, as in almost a donkey :-) Going back to the 1800s, many families had donkeys helping them carry things and as a slightly quirky pet.  We believe most contemporary Americans can use a friendly carrier pet too.

Can I walk in the rain with Onki?

Yes!  Onki will do fine in moderate rain.  Please avoid flooded areas with more than a couple of inches of water accumulation.

How big is Onki? Does he fit into a car?

Onki is about the size of a larger mini fridge.  Any SUV/hatchback/minivan would be well suited for carrying him.  He can also fit into the trunk of most cars but he may have trouble getting through the trunk opening of smaller cars.  In those situations, Onki can sit comfortably in the back seat.

What types of terrain can Onki navigate?

Onki can move through many terrains, indoor or outdoor, including complex surfaces like lawns, gravel, packed sand, and even most steep incline/uphill roads.

Is Onki a delivery robot?

When walking around with Onki, many curious people call him a delivery robot, often without realizing that Onki is following a person.  While from a technical standpoint, Onki is indeed not drastically different from an autonomous delivery robot, we have a significant philosophical difference from the makers of delivery robots: while a delivery robot makes your home stay more comfortable and convenient, Onki alleviates the carrying burden of walking and shopping around, encourages people to step outside of their homes more.  Onki also provides companionship and encourages more walking and exercise in the real world.

What’s the cost of feeding Onki?

Onki is an extremely low-maintenance and efficient fellow.  For every few hours of walking, he just needs to plug in for an hour to feast on less than a penny of electricity.

Is there a version with a larger capacity?

We are developing a much larger version for commercial usage.  Please feel free to reach out if you would like to get more information.